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World Class Big Game Hunting In Western Canada

If you have a desire to experience excellent big game hunting at its finest in some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the Saskatchewan and Alberta wilderness, then this is the location for you. Our specialty is trophy hunts for moose with professional guides in very remote locations. We access these remote locations with float planes. This is very important as there is no other way to readily access these wilderness areas and therefore the hunting pressure is minimal.


Because we are in very remote locations where there are virtually no other hunters for many miles, more bulls are able to reach full maturity, consequently more of them have larger racks, which is what most hunters are looking for. We have consistently taken numerous bulls with racks of over a 50" spread - as you can see in the photos of this web page. It does cost a lot of money to fly into these remote areas, however, if you really want to increase your chances of succeeding in taking a mature bull, then the extra cost is well worth it.

This is a wilderness trip everyone should make at least once in their life, you will definitely want to come back.

Wilderness Moose Hunts in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan

This area consists of low willow flats, rivers and several small lakes which make up prime moose habitat. From your wilderness camp each day your guide will take you along the water's edge in a large canoe where he will call to the rutting bulls. Our hunts take place during the prime rut which normally starts near the middle of September and runs until the 2nd week in October. Once a bull responds to the guide's call and starts to come, you will experience a thrill of a lifetime as these bulls can be unpredictable as they approach. They are either looking for a mate or are defending their cows from other bulls. To allow for a higher rate of success and more personal attention, we have one guide for two hunters. Comfortable accommodations for the hunters will be provided in a large tent at one of the several remote lakes in the surrounding area. In Alberta, during moose hunts, hunters can purchase a wolf license and possibly try for one of these fine trophies as well. Once a hunter has had a successful moose hunt he may choose to relax and try his hand at the excellent fishing opportunities available, as most of these remote locations have an abundant population of northern pike or walleye that have never seen a lure.

For our Alberta hunts we fly out of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

For our Saskatchewan hunts we fly out of Buffalo Narrows, Sask. 


Guiding for Hunts

Hunts are provided by Ken Baker who has over 29 years experience hunting moose, bear and deer with bow & arrow. Ken and his guides have had an excellent success rate in calling in some really big trophy bulls for their rifle hunters as well as numerous bow hunters. The #2 World Record Canadian Moose (Pope & Young records) was called within 7 steps of successful bow hunter Fred Gimble by Ken in 1994. References are available.


Hunting Packages

The hunting packages we offer are for a full nine days. All packages include guiding, meals, and return transportation with float planes from Buffalo Narrows for hunts in Saskatchewan and from Fort McMurray for hunts in Alberta. Accommodations at these remote fly in locations for moose are in large comfortable tents.

Phone for updated prices.


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Access Awesome Wilderness Hunts
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