Save enough money on your feeders to pay for a whole years worth of corn for it.

  For several years folks have requested a hanging deer feeder from us.  Now we make it possible for you to make your own hanging feeders and save enough money in the process to pay for the whole first years corn supply.  With these brackets, anyone can now make hanging deer feeders at a fraction (up to 66% savings or more) of what other folks are charging for hanging deer feeders.  These brackets will accommodate both 30 and 55 gallon barrels/lids, up to 26 inches in diameter.

-Sturdy, all metal construction.  These brackets were stress tested with over 600lbs of weight, but please restrict use to 300lbs or less. 

-Already primed, ready for you to paint as you desire.

-Make three or more feeders in less than two hours time using our hanging feeder bracket.

-Unlimited number of ways to use these brackets to make your own hanging feeders. We show several.

-Easy to follow guidelines provide helpful hints that we found useful in building our own units.

-Make the feeder you want and need, not what someone else want to sell you.

-Save enough money on each feeder to pay for a full years worth of corn for that feeder.


Bracket price is $12.95 plus shipping, all additional bracket on same order get 10% discount. Shipping is by UPS and as always insured for free.  Shipping on first unit is $8.50, and each additional unit is only $3.50 more in shipping.