Electric Deer Feeder Plans
Our plans cost $15.00, which easily pays for itself the first unit you build.

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YOU CAN SPEND $268.92 or  $67.17 per FEEDER

Our deer feeder plans were designed specifically with deer hunters in mind.  We needed an affordable way to produce numerous units for our own deer hunting in North Carolina.  Now we have made our plans available to all deer hunters.  Originally we limited our deer hunting feeders to North Carolina, we soon realized that others were simply looking for the same thing we were...an affordable  way to produce several deer feeders for hunting...wherever you live.  These feeders are easy to make, require minimum time and tools, and make the most affordable feeder we've seen, which is 100% functionally comparable to others costing three times as much. 

YOU MAKE THE CHOICE:  At the bottom of our page are two feeders which BassPro Shop and Cabelas sell, along with recent prices they charge (overcharge).  Ours cost around $67 to make.

ABOUT US AND OUR FEEDERS: We are going into our fifth year of making our feeders, which we started simply due to the outrageous prices being charged by others, which we couldn't or weren't going to pay.  Some of our original feeders we use personally are into their third year of use and still going strong.  We make our units for anywhere from one half to one quarter of what others charge, and YES !!!! this includes everything.  Just like theirs, the only thing you'll need to buy in addition is corn and a battery.   Our units include a 30 gallon rust resistant metal barrel (no plastic or poly barrels which crack with cold), an internal funnel system to minimize chances of rotten corn/feed, a domed rain top to keep water from standing on top of barrel and rotting corn. We use motor units which we personally can vouch for their performance and operation, since we use the exact same ones on our hunting land.  Our units are lightweight and can easily be setup by one person in a few minutes...just like we do.  We are hunters ourselves and through personal experience have found out what works and what doesn't.  We even offer a choice of a AM/PM unit (photocell) or a Digital Timer (Digital clock) motor unit, our you can buy your own choice of motors from whomever.

Although we have no affiliation with any motor manufacturer...Do you know which motor is better? What are each units strengths and weaknesses?...Kenco, Game Country, SpinPro.  We'll tell you the straight story...what are each motor units strengths and weaknesses, so that you can make the most informed decisions, and not waste time on units which don't meet your needs.

Our plans are 100% complete with step by step directions which will guide you through making your own units.  These plans are for our tree mounted units, not tripods.  The directions are so straight forward, and include lots of digital photos and drawings, that even our accountant could follow these and make the units.  We even include two templates to help simplify making the units.  Each unit takes about one hour to make and cost around $67.17 to make.  Yes that's $67.17 for a complete unit, with only corn and battery to buy to get it up and running.  The majority of parts are available from any hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes, and items such as the motor units, we'll provide you with list of where to procure them at the best prices.  No special tools required, just basic ones you probably already have.




BASSPRO SHOP (Prices from website as of 1-22-04):

MoultrieŽ Pro Hunter Magnum Tripod Feeder $219.99 (30 Gallon)
Plus Funnel $19.99
Plus Rain Cap $9.99
Plus Shipping  $13.95
Plus $5.00 additional shipping charge for oversized feeder
TOTAL $268.92

MoultrieŽ Pro Hunter Magnum Tripod Feeder

CABELAS (Prices from websites as of 1-22-04):
On Time Tripod Feeder (30 Gallon) $189.99
Plus Funnel $19.99
Plus Rain Cap $9.99
Plus Shipping  $12.95
Plus $12.00 additional shipping charge for oversized feeder
TOTAL $244.92

Image of On Time Lifetime Elite Feeder with 225 Tripod