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Mountain Spirit Outfitters
are located in Hinton, Alberta, Canada, fifteen minutes from Jasper National Park, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Not only do we offer excellent hunting but the country we hunt is a beautiful part of the world.

We offer hunts for Whitetail & Mule Deer, Wolf, Black Bear & elk. We can also offer Trap Line Tours were you can experience the life of the old time trappers.

We put a lot of time and effort into the preparation for your hunt, and then we put in 110% effort during your hunt, our sole aim is for you to have a successful hunt.

Hunting is our life, our passion, it's what we live for, come and join us in the hunt, you won't be sorry.

Deer, for many people, are the ultimate quarry species. In the area that we hunt there are many high ridges covered in spacious growing poplar trees.  Whitetail deer flourish in the little pockets, hardly ever moving very far, many of them here die from old age in these little places. Mule deer travel a little in the same areas as the whitetail deer but, generally are found in their own little pockets, and we will "spot & stalk" them.

To hunt either whitetail or mule deer one must be patient.

Heavy pre-season scouting is done to find those great little spots.

Earlier in the season, heavily traveled trails are hunted, then as the season progresses into a heavier rut, scrape lines and rubs are the places to set up stands. This is strictly bush hunting, so your best opportunities will be realized by sitting quietly in heated ground blinds and heated free standing blinds. For mule deer we also use "spot & stalk".

While sitting, grunting and doe bleating have all worked well on numerous occasions in the past.

Rattling is best done e pre-rut to draw in that big buck.

The area that we hunt bears in has many clear cuts and the primary method that we use is "spot & stalk." Trying to catch them browsing or rooting for new shoots is not always as easy as it might seem. Ever wondered how close you are able to sneak up to a bear? Well, come and try the challenge.

Bow hunters are welcome

The primary color phase in this area is black, although there are some bears in the blonde and chocolate color phases.

Although spring bear season runs through April and May, during April and possibly the early part of May, there could still be plenty of snow on the ground. Contact us if you need to discuss options.

Sunday hunting is not allowed in this area.

All of our guided hunts are "ethical & fair chase"

Have you ever dreamed of being in amongst the bulls during the rut, you bugling and them answering? The sounds of "war" as they rip up the forest, will it come to you or will it drift away silently like a ghost in the forest? The anticipation and trepidation as the bull comes crashing through the timber towards you. Is it going to be the bull of your dreams? Is it going to recognize you as a human being, or just run right over the top of you! Will it be the right bull for you? The thing about elk hunting, you never really know what will happen until it does, and quite often, even then you may still believe that you are dreaming. This is the stuff that elk hunters dream of.

We believe that we can fulfill those dreams for you.

There is nothing quite like an elk hunt during the rut, the sights, the sounds and the smell combine to make the hunt an experience of a life time.

This is a 3 point or better area.

The wolf population in this area is of a very high standard, so high in fact that they transplanted some to Yellowstone National Park.

Take a look at the pictures on this page, these were taken by a digital game camera located at one of our bait stations. The wolves arrived March 23rd 2007 and were still there March 29th when we recovered the camera. You can judge for your self the quality of wolf in this area. The bait had been an entire moose carcass with a bunch of moose heads and hides, this is typical of the bait that we use.

Scroll down for images of wolf havested by our clients.

As many of you know wolf hunting is a waiting game, one sits in a comfortable heated blind along their natural travel routes waiting for them to trot in, which may happen at any time or not at all.

To offer a higher quality hunt we have decided to do some changes with our wolf hunts to ensure higher success and more client satisfaction.

Bait stations will be set out mid February, at the start of the mating season, and checked daily, when the wolves start to feed on the bait we will contact you to fly up immediately and take your trophy.

Our hunt price will still be $3200, with a $2000 deposit required, with the balance paid on arrival. If, after three days of hunting without success you want to end your hunt we will refund $1200 to you.

If you want to book your hunt the old fashioned way, that is acceptable also, the choice is yours.

Very Important: There is no limit on the number of wolves that you can take.

If you had the chance would you consider a journey into the past? Now is your chance to experience a microcosm of the history of this great country.

Learn how the mountain men of the nineteenth century lived and worked as they eked out a living from the wilderness. It was never an easy life for trappers, but the rigors of their lives where far out weighed by the surrounding natural beauties of the mountains and the wildlife. Being able to see these things in the raw is something in itself

We offer six day "Trap Line Tours" where you can learn how the trappers of the past harvested furs. We don't expect you to live like the mountain men did two hundred years a go; we even use modern transport where necessary. But you will still learn the techniques used by those extraordinary men and experience nature as it has been for thousands of years.

PO Box 6564
Hinton, Alberta, Canada
T7V 1X8
780-817-1992    780-817-4349